Gift Packs

Brian House
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* Gift Packs

We provide "tee prizes" and gift packs that are not only impressive, but also useful. They are pre-assembled and ready to hand out, you'll save hours soliciting prize donations and last minute bag stuffing.

Golf balls can be imprinted with your logo for continuing recognition of your tournament or sponsor.

An example that costs as low as $10 per player:

  • Sleeve of Srixon Q Star golf balls with custom logo
  • Tee & Divot tool set
  • Pair of golf footies
  • AloeUp sunscreen SPF 25+
  • Cheese cracker snack
  • Advil sample pack

Tournament Promotions Midwest can provide a wide range of promotional items from thousands of suppliers. Logo caps. towels, shirts, rain apparel, shoe bags, tee bags, umbrellas, golf bags, and a wide range of traditional golf and non-golf gifts are available.